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Crown Lift/Raising

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches and/or preparing of lower branches for the future removal.  Good practice dictates crown lifting should not normally include the removal of large branches growing directly from the trunk as this can cause large wounds which can become extensively decayed leading to further long-term problems or more short-term biomechanical instability.  Crown lifting on older, mature trees should be avoided or restricted to secondary branches or shortening of primary branches rather than the whole removal wherever possible.  Crown lifting is an effective method of increasing light transmission to areas closer to the tree or to enable access under the crown but should be restricted to less than 15% of the live crown height and leave the crown at least two thirds of the total height of the tree.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a pruning technique that involves selectively reducing the size and overall volume of a tree’s crown. This process is typically undertaken to manage the size of a tree, balance its shape, and mitigate potential hazards posed by overgrown branches. During crown reduction, specific branches are carefully removed or trimmed back to reduce the overall height and spread of the tree. By strategically targeting certain branches, arborists can create a more proportional and aesthetically pleasing canopy while preserving the tree’s health. Crown reduction also helps to minimize the risk of storm damage, improve light penetration, and maintain a safe distance from nearby structures or power lines. Properly executed crown reduction can enhance the tree’s overall structure and longevity, ensuring it continues to thrive within its environment.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

We will bring in specialist machinery to grind out the stump below ground level and trace out any surface roots.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

We can remove trees of all shape, size and difficulty, be it a simple small job or a large complicated tree we have the equipment and the skills necessary to safely dismantle and remove your tree.  We will dispose of all arisings leaving the site clean and tidy.  If your tree has a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) we can handle the application process for you.


Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of a portion of smaller/tertiary branches, usually at the outer crown, to produce a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch structure.  It is usually confined to broad-leaved species.  Crown thinning does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree.  Material should be removed systematically throughout the tree, should not exceed the stated percentage and not more than 30% overall.  Common reasons for crown thinning are to allow more light to pass through the tree, reduce wind resistance, reduce weight (but this does not necessarily reduce leverage on the structure) and is rarely a once-only operation particularly on species that are known to produce large amounts of epicormic growth.

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Tree Supply And Planting

if you’re looking to plant a tree on you’re property we can come and evaluate your space and provide you with a list of species best suited for what you have a available. We can then source and plant your selection ensuring that it is done properly. We offer a 12 and 24 month aftercare service following any planting we carry out. We can also provide and plant hedging.


Hedge Maintenance

if you want your hedges to look at there best it’s essential to get them trimmed at least once a year. We can do this and also reduce the height of your hedge if it has become overgrown.

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